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  • Submit An Application

    Head to our application form to start your journey
  • Make A Character

    Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you'll be sent a link to create your very own pixel character
  • Coding Day

    If your application makes it to this stage, you'll be invited to come to our Coding Day, where we'll get to know each other and finalise our choices for the Bootcamp scholarships
  • Phase 0

    Before the course starts, we will help you start your journey by giving you access to pre-course learning
  • Confirmation

    If your application is successful, we'll send you confirmation. It's then time to congratulate yourself on making it through a highly competitive process
  • Bootcamp, GO!

    It's time. We will start the bootcamp, and 16 weeks of intensive learning to develop you into a confident, job-ready programmer
  • Graduation

    At our graduation event, you'll present your progress and projects to our sponsors, and the wider tech community
  • And So It Begins...

    We will help you find a job in the tech industry, or you can enter our support period where you can earn through completing our real-world consultancy projects with our help and guidance