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1What will I be able to do at the end of the course?
By the end of the course, you will have learnt the fundamentals of programming, and be specialised in full-stack JavaScript development. You’ll be trained in the industry best practices and standards, and we will help you to get a foothold in the tech industry!
2What if I can’t find a job after the course?
We aren’t a “bums on seats” model of education; we concentrate on positive outcomes for everyone who comes on board. If you can’t secure a job for the end of the course, we will help by bringing in consultancy projects - that means you can earn by completing real-world projects whilst still getting support and mentorship from the School of Code.
3Who is the ideal applicant?
If you are motivated, enjoy problem solving, love to learn new things, have a passion for technology, and want a future in the industry, then this course is for you!
4Should I apply even if I’m really bad at computers?
You don’t need any previous coding experience, but you will probably feel more comfortable if you have experience using computers and software. If you don’t like computers, or hate problem solving…this probably isn’t for you.
5Will I learn all the skills I need in just 16 weeks?
We start you on the path to a fulfilling career in technology by teaching you the fundamentals of coding, and getting you experience in real-world projects. You’ll be able to create software to solve real-world problems, and get training to be confident and job-ready!
6Will I receive some sort of certification at the end of the course?
When we’ve spoken to employers, accreditation is at the bottom of their list when looking for people to join their team. If you have an understanding of technology, good knowledge of programming fundamentals, great soft skills, experience working in a tech team, and a portfolio of real-world projects, then you are exactly what they are looking for - our bootcamp will help prepare you on all of these fronts!
7How does School of Code function differently from other coding courses?
We want to change education! Instead of putting all the risk on the student through a bums-on-seats model charging you up front, we focus on positive outcomes and getting you a job. That means it’s free to join the course, and we make it sustainable through sponsorships or recruitment fees from companies who hire our graduates.
8Who is behind School of Code?
The School of Code was started by Chris Meah when he was a PhD student studying Computer Science. He believes technology is a golden opportunity to make the world a more equal, fairer place for everyone, but saw not enough different types of people were becoming coders and helping to shape the future. The School of Code focuses on getting more and different types of people into technology, and so the bootcamp is our intensive course to take people from beginner to programmer and help them into jobs in technology. The bootcamp couldn’t happen without our main sponsor Packt Publishing - the world’s largest publisher for professional software developers. Not only are they supporting the course through sponsorship, but all students will have access to their complete library of books and courses (that’s thousands of titles trusted by over 1 million professional software developers) helping you to learn cutting edge tech.
9Who will be actually teaching the course?
The lead instructor will be Chris Meah - he’s been running the School of Code for two years, is completing his PhD in Computer Science, and is passionate about getting more people benefitting from technology.
10How does it work?
The course will simulate a real-world tech work environment. We will have daily “stand-up” meetings with the whole team to plan our day, learn through working in teams to create solutions to problems, have regular breaks with activities to get you away from the desk (from sports, to yoga, to learning new skills, we’ll be trying as many things as possible), and feedback sessions meaning that your input is listened to and you help shape the course from day-to-day! You will be assigned a personal mentor for the course from the tech industry who will help support your learning journey, and also help you grow your network in the tech industry. We will be attending regular meet-ups, hackathons, and events to help you experience all aspects of life in technology. As the course enters its final project phases, we also allow flexible, remote working - a skill that is vital in the modern tech industry with more and more people wanting to work from home and collaborate in remote teams.

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